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What do I/We Wear???

This is by far the most asked question any lifestyle photographer receives! The most important thing to consider is comfort! Everyone in the photo should be comfortable in what he/she is wearing.  It shows when clothes need to be tugged into place or someone needs to "suck it in" Find clothing that fits well!

There are a few tips to help make this decision easier.  The first is to consider color.  Do you want the photo to have cool tones or warm tones? It is nice to stay within the same color family.  Try to stay away form "matchy-smatchy" trends, jeans with white tops is a trend that has come and gone.  The second tip is to avoid too much pattern.  Some pattern with a pop of color can be nice but multiple patterns can come off as too busy. Once, you get your outfits finalized, take a picture of it yourself!  If you like the way it looks together, then that's all that matters!  Pinterest is filled with ideas and is a great resource.  Check out this article from a mom blogger.

In summary

  • Dress comfortably
  • No matchy-smatchy
  • Avoid busy patterns (thin stripes look psychedelic in photos. Stay away from stripes)
  • Take a picture (lay it out on your bed. Send it to me too!)

Don't over think it.  Just be you! 


What if our subject (sweet child) doesn't cooperate? 

This is the miracle work of the photogrpaher! To ease our subjects and capture them at their best!  Read what a mother had to say about her session with her family of 5

"... [Joy lIfestyle Photography] captured each of my children so beautifully. Before our session I worried the kids would quickly get disinterested in posing for photos and we'd have just a few to choose from. However, Ronnie was so skilled at switching things up so the kids never got bored and many of our poses were simply interacting as a family, as she snapped away. The photo session was relaxed and casual and surprisingly the kids had a blast!" 

The most important tip is for the parents to be relaxed and calm.  Young children and babies can sense a stressful atmosphere!  Take a deep breath, all will be ok.  Even in the worst case scenario, it's typically possible to capture more "good' moments than parents ever think possible!  Embrace the moment - snot noses, silly faces, fit throwing and all!


"How long does it take to get my photos?"

Your photos will be delivered within 2 weeks from the date of your session. 

I do my best to complete the processing of a photo session as quickly as possible and try to return the images sooner than 2 weeks, but can only guarantee they will not take longer than 2 weeks.  If you need your images back faster than 2 weeks, you can add a $50 rush fee.  This will allow you to have your session back in 4 business days.


"What images do I get?"

All images that are considered the 'best' of the shoot. Every image is hand selected and lightly edited. Every session will include a link to your high resolution images with permission to download, print & enjoy! The gallery link is accessible for 10 years and shareable so that you can pass it along to friends and family or post to social media.  ou can find more info on my pricing page about how many digital images are included with each session. 


"Do I have to purchase prints in addition to the session fee?"

Nope. I know how expensive it can be to pay for a photo session then have to purchase prints separately.  You can find more info on my pricing page about how many digital images are included with each session.  The price of each session is the only fee you pay. 


"Who chooses the location?"

It's best if you scout out a spot.  I try to keep my eye out for new and exciting places to take photos but I am only one person.  If you're searching and coming up empty we can figure something out and it'll be great!  Any reservations, permits, permissions, or fees are the responsibility of each client. 


"How do I prepare for a lifestyle newborn session?"

Lifestyle newborn sessions {typically} take place in your home when baby is 5-10 days old.  This way you and your family can be comfortable and we can take our time (because babies don't like to cooperate).  It is a time to capture your family as is, even if that means you all wear your pajamas and your hair is in a messy-bun.  

Here are some tips to prepare

  • Pick up the clutter. I want to capture you in your natural environment but you probably don't want empty soda cans in your forever photos. 
  • Open the shutters and find the spots with good light. 
  • Keep baby awake for an hour before the session THEN feed baby right before I get there. 
  • Make sure the house is a little warmer than normal so baby is cozy if you want some photos without his/her clothes on. 
  • Have special items like jammies, blankets, shoes, toys, etc on hand that you want to use in the photos.
  • Parents will be in the photos with baby so do not wear heavy jewelry, dark clothing, solid black/solid white, soft blues or pale pinks. Keep clothing very clean and simple.


"Im interested in a Birth Story, but I have a lot of questions!"

I expect a flood of questions when it comes to photographing a birth story!  When I was pregnant I googled all the questions I would need to ask and had a giant list.  I like to take the time to set an appointment to meet face to face.  Feel free to read this review from a new mom and Doula:

"I felt that Ronnie really listened to me during our interview. I am a doula and quite sensitive to the intimate & sacred nature of birth. Hiring a birth photographer was daunting to me because I was afraid of having my birth atmosphere disturbed.
Ronnie was such a pleasant, quiet & peaceful presence.  She was easy to include in our birthing space.  I was so thankful we hired her! Our photos are absolute treasures that really capture the sweetness and joy of the moment. We consider our birth pictures to be a lovely gift & highly recommend hiring [Joy Lifestyle Photography] to capture your birth story."

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