Included with each session

More than just a fleeting social media post or holiday card, you deserve images that will last for a lifetime. 

Every session will include a link to your high resolution images with permission to print & enjoy! The gallery link is shareable so that you can pass it along to friends and family or post to social media. 


Family Session

As a mom, I know how stressful family photos can be - planning outfits, getting your children ready multiple times because brother spilled water on his shirt or put applesauce in his sister's hair.  Your son might have a bruised scrape across his forehead, your daughter might be crying, and your hair may not be perfect, but you are going to want to remember this. These are crazy days but they are some of the best days your life. It is such a privilege to capture the spirit of every unique family. 

Family session: 1 hour, 30+ edited images - $265

25% non-refundable deposit due at the time of booking

*Family sessions include up to 5 people. Each additional person is $25

Senior Session

Senior photos are a documentation of the beginning of a new chapter. Transitioning into a young adult is scary, yet exciting.  This is a time to celebrate where you've been, where you are and where you're going.  Lets get creative and celebrate what's important to you and the things that define you! 

90 min, 40+ edited images - $285

25% non-refundable deposit due at the time of booking

*2-3 outfit changes & 2 locations included

Prom Session 

When I was in high school we had to go to the mall to have pre-prom photos taken and they looked a lot like this. <<< that's a link you're going to want to click ;-)  Though I do love a good awkward prom photo, I know that this is a big day for you and I promise to make sure your prom photos won't end up on a buzzfeed article about bad prom photos (unless you're into that). 

One Couple: 30 min, 15+ edited images - $175

25% non-refundable deposit due at the time of booking

*$25, 10 min & 5 more images added to the session for each additional couple (up to 6 couples/12 people).Whole group shot, individual shots, couple shotsand smaller group shots included

Maternity Session

Show off that cute belly!  Portrait or lifestyle - we can hang out in the comfort of your home, documenting all the tiny details before baby arrives; like the nursery before it is destroyed by dirty diapers and mounds of laundry, or we can find a beautiful outdoor location and get that magical lighting that makes you look like a goddess.  It is completely up to you! I want you to be able to share this special time with your loved ones and spread the excitement of your upcoming bundle of joy! 

Expectant couple only - 45 min 20+ edited images - $245
Expectant couple w/ children - 1 hour, 30+ edited images - $265

25% non-refundable deposit due at the time of booking

Lifestyle Newborn & First 48 Session

Time with your newborn is precious. You're tired and adjusting to having a tiny new person to care for. Newborn sessions are typically photographed in the home and take place when baby is 5-10 days old. This way you and your family can be comfortable and we can take our time (because babies don't like to cooperate).  It is a time to capture your family as is, even if that means you all wear your pajamas and your hair is in a messy-bun.

First 48 sessions take place in the hospital (or at home if you've had a home birth) within the first 48 hours of baby being born. These sessions often include the moment when siblings & grandparents get to meet the baby, or getting ready to go home. No matter the session you choose, I take special care to make sure this session is relaxed and comfortable. 

Newborn: 60-90 min, 30+ edited images - $295
First 48: 1 hour, 25+ edited images - $275

25% non-refundable deposit due at the time of booking

Breastfeeding Session

This session is close to my heart.  My own personal breastfeeding journey started off rough.  Between a traumatic birth, postpartum hormones, plugged ducts, mastitis, home visits from my lactation consultant, and late night texts I somehow made it to 6 months and it finally became second nature.  Besides being limited to outings that only lasted 3 hours, breastfeeding wasn't a stressful burden anymore and my daughter was thriving.  
I finally stopped counting down the months until I could wean and I started to love our time together. Just as I was realizing the beauty of it all she was weaned at 17 months and that chapter came to an end.   Whether your baby is 2 months or 5 years - this is an accomplishment for both of you!  These sessions are usually in your home but can also be outdoors, a public location or anywhere you feel comfortable.

Breastfeeding session: 30 min, 15+ edited images - $175

25% non-refundable deposit due at the time of booking

Year in the Life

First smile, first tooth, first steps, first words.  Lots of diapers and not enough sleep. Everyone says "It goes by so fast" and its painfully true. The first year is a whirlwind and you don't want to forget a single second.

Year in the Life: 
Newborn (1-2hr 40+ edited images), 3 months, 6 months, 9 months (all 30min 15+ edited images ea) 1st year birthday/cake smash (1hr 30+ edited images) - $895
Year in the Life + Maternity: Includes the above + maternity - $1125 ($100 savings ea)

25% non-refundable deposit due at the time of booking

Day in the Life

Perfect family photos are great but there is also value in capturing just one day in the ordinary.  The supposed insignificant moments and those little details of everyday life are often underestimated.  One day we'll wish we could travel back in time and savor those everyday moments just one more time.  This is a photography session where I tag along with your family for the day.  I'm basically your own personal paparazzi!  Take me along to pick up your kiddos from school, have me there while you guys do dinner.  Bath time, bedtime, grocery store trip, lazy Saturday in jammies playing board games - its just me documenting your day any way you'd like.  Lets tell your story!

Day in the Life
Mini day: 2hr 40+ edited images - $325
Half day: 4hr 80+ edited images - $650
Full day: 6hr 100+ edited images - $995

25% non-refundable deposit due at the time of booking

*Can also be for family outings (zoo, amusement parks, etc) Add'l fees for travel may be added

Birth Story

Birth stories are my favorite sessions.  I consider it such an honor to document a woman in her most vulnerable and most powerful moments. Every woman deserves to feel empowered during the birth of her sweet baby.  Birth is life changing, no matter if it is a quiet home birth or a c-section.  Each birth story is an amazing, unique process that requires a detailed consult.  We will go over every aspect of your birth plan and what you would like captured.  Please send an email with your contact information and I will reply as promptly as possible.

On call availability for two+ weeks, labor + 1 hour postpartum, 75+ edited images - $950

25% non-refundable deposit due at the time of booking

Birth story review - Rebecca, mother and Doula

"I felt that Ronnie really listened to me during our interview. I am a doula and quite sensitive to the intimate & sacred nature of birth. Hiring a birth photographer was daunting to me because I was afraid of having my birth atmosphere disturbed.
Ronnie was such a pleasant, quiet & peaceful presence.  She was easy to include in our birthing space.  I was so thankful we hired her! Our photos are absolute treasures that really capture the sweetness and joy of the moment.
When the photos came back my husband said "worth every penny." We consider our birth pictures to be a lovely gift & highly recommend hiring [Joy Lifestyle Photography] to capture your birth story."

Mommy Bundles

Saving money is good!
Don't see a bundle that fits your needs?  Contact me and I will will try to accommodate!

Maternity + Newborn:  $475 ($85 savings)

Maternity + First 48:  $445 ($65 savings)

Maternity + Birth + Newborn:  $1375 ($135 savings)

25% non-refundable deposit due at the time of booking

More Sessions

Have an intimate wedding or elopement planned?  Need a boudoir session?  Want to document a family reunion?  Need professional head shots?  Are you a real estate agent needing photos for your listing?  I am available for many other types of sessions that are less common.  Lets talk!  

I am also an adoptive mom.  I understand the intricacies of adoptive families and the need for discretion when involving children in foster care.  I love to capture special moments for adoptive and foster families.  I also love photographing the special bond between adoptees and their birth families.  I am always open to discussing these types of sessions with you to create a special package for your family.

**I offer FREE sessions for children currently in foster care. 

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